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Contacting An Attorney For a DUI Drug Case in Washington, DC

Facing a DUI drug charge in Washington, DC can often be a complicated process especially if the defendant has never been charged before. Different from a typical alcohol relate DUI, drug DUI cases often involve a variety of different factors including the drug itself, when and why it was taken, whether it was taken voluntarily, and then what signs of drug use you displayed to make the arresting officer suspicious.

With all these factors, it is important you have a legal representative who is familiar with all the moving parts and knows the best way to build a defense. Read below to learn more about the importance of hiring an experienced DUI attorney in DC before calling and scheduling a free consultation to learn what a lawyer can do for you.

Is Involuntary Intoxication a Defense?

Involuntary intoxication is a DUI drug defense that can be extremely difficult to prove. The assumption is, if you knowingly put something in your body, then you are assumed to know (and the law requires that you know) what effects that substance might have on you. In some situations, especially those involving drug interactions, if you had not been properly advised by a medical professional that a given substance could impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle, a defense attorney would explore that avenue and use it to attack the government’s case.

True involuntary intoxication, however, is where you have unknowingly ingested a substance that led to your impaired operation of a motor vehicle. For example, if you have been given some form of substance and you did not know it and did not realize your impairment while in control of a motor vehicle, that could be a defense. Cases like this can be difficult to prove, but they are nonetheless possible and should be explored by an experienced DUI lawyer.

Why Is Contacting An Experienced Drug DUI Lawyer Important If Facing These Charges?

When facing DUI drug charges in DC, you want to make sure that your attorney has experience dealing with the tests that law enforcement officers use in these situations—whether they be the chemical tests or the Drug Recognition Expert test. You also want to make sure that your attorney is familiar with the specific prosecutors and the specific judges who handle these cases, how they handle drug DUI cases. For example, judges and prosecutors sometimes take a harsher approach to specific types of drugs (or compared to other judges), and so it is critically important that you retain an experienced D.C. DUI attorney who knows these things and has been there before. Look for someone who knows how to handle these cases, but who also knows the specifics of the process and the players involved.