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Washington DC Traffic Lawyer

In the aftermath of a traffic stop, many motorists find themselves frustrated by the perceived inconvenience of having to deal with the ticket, a process which may include paying a fine or even appearing in court. As a result, more than a few people pocket the ticket, and tuck it away somewhere where it is soon forgotten.

The fact is that those people who fail to take a traffic ticket seriously, or let their frustration or irritation with receiving a citation be their guide, do themselves a truly tremendous disservice.

The reality is that a DC motorist needs to take a traffic citation, and the obligations it imposes, very seriously. The failure to address a traffic ticket properly can have serious consequences for a motorist in the District.

As an aside, do not argue or negotiate with the police officer at the time of the traffic stop. The streets of Washington, DC are not venues for trying to resolve a traffic ticket. Arguing with a police officer will make matters worse; negotiating with a police officer will only waste your time as it is destined to fail.

DC Traffic Infraction Penalties

The penalties associated with a traffic citation in DC can be significant. At a minimum, a traffic ticket results in a fine and the prospect of increase automobile insurance premiums. In the worst case, a motorist faces these two potential outcomes together with a driver’s license suspension and even time in jail.

Many people rely on their driver’s license in relation to their employment. They either need to drive to get to work in the first place or drive as part of their job duties. In either case, a license suspension can have seriously negative consequences on a person’s ability to make a living.

In short, the failure to appropriately attempt to resolve a traffic ticket can have truly significant and long term negative consequences for a DC motorist (or a driver from another locale visiting the city).

DC Traffic Court

DC traffic court represents a complex institution. Both because of the significant number of traffic cases processed each month as well as the complicated procedures associated with the court system, dealing with a traffic ticket is not something easily undertaken by a layperson.

With that said, if a driver is given a court date at the time of a traffic stop, it is imperative that he or she be in court that day. A motorist must understand that the failure to appear in court can (and likely will) result in the judge issuing a warrant for that person’s arrest. Needless to say, a warrant and the prospect of arrest only compounds the problems faced by a motorist who was issued a traffic citation.

DC Traffic Lawyer

A thoughtful course of action when charged with a traffic infraction in the District is to retain the professional services of a skilled, experienced DC traffic lawyer. Through the services of a capable DC traffic lawyer, a driver has at his or her side a person who understands how to maneuver through the complicated DC court system.

A driver needs to be proactive when charged with a traffic offense. He or she needs to contact a traffic lawyer  immediately after being issued a traffic citation. By contacting an attorney immediately, a driver has the best possible opportunity of obtaining a favorable resolution of his or her case.

A primary objective of a driver with a traffic ticket needs to be attempting to reduce the charge and lower the penalty, to negotiate a plea with the prosecutor. Going it alone in the DC court system makes effective plea bargaining virtually impossible. The typical motorist simply does not have the time or the experience to work through the process in order to reach a meaningful plea agreement lowering the charge and penalty associated with a traffic citation. Contact Jason Kalafat Defense Attorney today, and get the help you need.