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Jason Kalafat DUI Client Reviews

Client reviews on this page were written by actual clients of Jason Kalafat regarding the results achieved in their DUI cases. Each case is different, and past results do not guarantee future success in a given case. The reviews are unedited, and the names of the clients may be withheld to protect the privacy of those clients. Contact DC DUI lawyer Jason Kalafat today to discuss the facts and circumstances of your DUI charge.

  •  I was facing DUI charges and searched the Internet for a lawyer, where I found Mr. Kalafat. After meeting with Jason, I was immediately relieved and could tell I was in good hands. He fought for me and after I complete some minor community service, my charge will be completely dismissed. He is the best, and I would recommend him to anyone facing criminal charges. – DUI Client
  • As someone with a third offense DUI charge, I was satisfied with the results of Jason’s work. He was able to get me a great plea deal and I got the minimum mandatory sentence that DC had for my charge. He gave me a great understanding of all potential outcomes throughout the whole process, and told me what all of my options were. He never made me feel like he was making decisions for me, but gave me great advice so that I could make the best decisions for myself. He had a great presence in court and was able to communicate very well about my story and what exactly happened. I would absolutely recommend Jason Kalafat and Price Benowitz LLP to other folks with a DUI charge. –Kaleab
  • This is an Lawyer that keeps you informed straight from the beginning. I had a DUI in DC and thought it was the end. Jason guided me through the process helped me get the best outcome out of the deal and not to mention this law firm will work in regards to the payments. Money WELL SPENT! – Andrew
  • When I was initially charged with a DUI, knowing that it was DC, I knew I needed an attorney especially now that they have been more serious with cases. I met with Jason and immediately noticed he was very down to earth, knowledgeable, informative and accessible. To my relief, through continuous negotiations and litigation we were able to get my case dismissed. I would like to thank the office staff for their expedited efforts in alleviating case related stress. – Errol
  • I had a DUI charge and I initially wanted to fight it a certain way, but Jason knew his stuff and convinced me to fight it a better way. From the first meeting, Jason’s demeanor was really comforting – he exuded a certain confidence and knowledge of the system. Plus he had a great relationship with the prosecutors and with everyone: he knew everyone! I never had to wait long I just walked in there, had everything Jason told me to have, and everything was dismissed! – DUI Client

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